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Sports - Tottenham confirms that virtonghan did not suffer a concussion,

Tottenham confirms that virtonghan did not suffer a concussion,

Tottenham said Thursday that Belgian Defender Jan virtonghan did not suffer a concussion during the game lost his team Tuesday before his guest AJAX 0-1 in the semi-final of the Champions League football.

He said a thorough examination after Pedroncelli conducted over the past 48 hours by medical staff as well as a neurologist who specializes in independent concussions in sports, a conclusion that Jan virtonghan was not concussed.

But specialists advised the player to take a few days holiday as pointed Club, which means that virtonghan may not participate in the thirty-seventh stage match of the English Premier League Saturday against Bournemouth.

Belgian comeback raised to complete the game against Ajax many questions due to the force of the blow that he had suffered, while Argentine coach Mauricio pochettino stressed that medical staff for his team to follow the Protocol of the incidence of concussion.

The medical device allowed lvirtonghan to return to the pitch, before departing shortly after and he has difficulty in standing and walking.

The incident raised questions because of the force of the impact virtonghan with fellow countryman blessed aldrvirild following intervention by Cameroonian international AJAX keeper Andrei aunana to drive away a cross inside the area at minute 39.

She asked the blood from the virtonghan face treatment for more than four minutes on the field before coming out to complete it and obtain the green light to return to continue playing.

I have asked virtonghan to return to the pitch, turn off Spanish rule Antonio Mateo Lajous game and talked to the medical staff of the group ' Spears ' before allowing Belgian Defender to return to the pitch. But the player power structure, 32 years old, quickly forced out again.

Pochettino had been forced to put his arm around virtonghan to help him maintain his balance before accompanied by the team doctor and helping to dress rooms, putting his arms around them amid suffering evident in walking.

Turning to Spurs, revealing ' Belgian Defender suffered an injury in the nose after friction, causing severe bleeding. Considerable to continue playing after a field assessment ', echoing what his coach pochettino Wednesday that ' all follow English Football Union directives ' in cases of this kind.

He ' been replaced Jan immediately because the player's medical staff advised that symptoms suddenly has evolved and no longer stable while standing. We were told that this was a result of rotor felt by near fainting.

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