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The Champions League. hakim ziyech Star Shines before semifinals top senior old continent are pursuing shared

The Champions League. Hakim ziyech Star Shines before semifinals top senior old continent are 

pursuing shared

At the "White Hart Lane", a wise star hakim ziyech the brightness again with leaks, and that time in the semifinal match of the Champions League, before Tottenham of England, on Tuesday, from 8:00 p.m. local time.

According to Dutch media reports highlighted the Summit meeting between AJAX, young team which managed to overthrow the old continent turn senior competition, from Real Madrid, his last three titles "ourselves for Legg, passing through biovntos and experienced players led by Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo, The Sage hakim ziyech most names will follow, especially since it's an extraordinary candidate to enter the competition for the best African player in Europe.

Whereas, the Moroccan player top-up, especially the English clubs, which tried to knock on the door of alias before the end of the football season, but officials postponed the talk about the future of their stars currently, after crossing the group to the role.

In return, the AJAX Club in the last few hours that the second Moroccan international group, almazraawi, with his Parry will present champion in football Summit, awaiting confirmation of participation by the medical staff of AJAX, but his name is London trip anticipation for 90 minutes, first from the top " Alchambionz Legg ".

The position of the hakim ziyech, the Moroccan national team star football, playmaker AJAX team Dutch media he left Amstrad CPC site last RAMSI to the European Union, the primary objective with his team is crowned this season's titles, whether domestic or continental, stressing that very cramp His ability to achieve titles.

Assad stressed that his focus as completely on the half's final League champions Tottenham team, speaking of England, where all the components of the Dutch capital Club, designed to overcome this obstacle in order to reach the final, preferring not to talk about the new destination in the current period.

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