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Food - Sound Homemade Granola with Berries

Sound Homemade Granola with Berries

You knew this as of now, yet granola is absolutely my jam. I cherish the crunchy, nutty surface and the way that all that you toss into it winds up like a lovely bit of a scrumptious riddle once it's prepared. You can blend and match enhances with the goal that each time you cause it you to get a fresh out of the box new thing. 

The things I cherish don't stop there however, that is exactly what you can put into granola. I didn't start to cover the universe of potential outcomes for what you can put the granola into, which is fundamentally everything. Let me know, have you at any point given the granola a shot a serving of mixed greens? All things considered, if not you're passing up a major opportunity. 

I do toss in a bit 'disclaimer'r, I surmise you could state, that it's not incredibly sweet. By and by, I truly preferred it as such in light of the fact that it appears to all the more likely compliment things, for example, natural product or yogurt. Presently, on the off chance that you truly like your granola sweet, you can add more dates to the formula. At that point, there's dependably the alternative to include a little maple syrup or nectar if that works for you. Another thought I had is to utilize some pounded bananas in it to make a kind of "banana bread" granola. I haven't attempted that yet however, I'm supposing it needs to happen soon. I'll let you folks know whether I choose to attempt it. Hello, or possibly you can give it a proceed to disclose to me how it turns out. 

This is an extremely basic formula to make however in the event that you are short on time I'd prescribe having the quinoa cooked early. Or then again, if happen to as of now have extra cooked quinoa this is an extraordinary method to utilize it. Other than that, this formula is for the most part distant. I realize it takes a smidgen of preparing time, yet that truly is critical to the best crunchy surface. 

The last tip that I generally use when making granola, is to leave it in the stove subsequent to chilling. I got this trap when I was living in Patagonia and the dampness was dependably a test. The atmosphere I live in now is exceptionally dry yet regardless I do this in any case. It guarantees you get a fresh completed item when you utilize this tip. 

All right, presently go get innovative and perceive what number of things you can add this to. 

Solid Homemade Granola with Berries 

A granola makeover that is light on the sweet, substantial on the decency. No oil or sugar required here. Just dates and pecans are utilized to give this formula its nutty sweetness. 

Planning Time 10 minutes 

Cook Time 60 minutes 

All out Time 1 hour 10 minutes 

Servings 12 servings 


1 glass 185g uncooked quinoa 

2 mugs 200g set dates 

2 tablespoons 30g chia seeds 

1/4 glass almond milk 

2 mugs 200g crude pecans 

2 mugs 180g moved oats 

2 teaspoons vanilla concentrate 

1 teaspoon ocean salt 


In a little pan, include around 2 glasses of water and heat to the point of boiling. Include the quinoa and decrease warmth to an exceptionally low stew, at that point spread and enable it to cook for around 15 minutes, or until the water is retained. Expel top and enable the blend to cool for around 15 minutes. (This progression should be possible daily before to spare time. You can likewise utilize precooked quinoa) 

In a medium glass or tempered steel bowl, include the dates and pour enough bubbling high temp water over them to cover. Enable them to drench for around 20 minutes. 

In a little bowl, utilize a fork or rush to blend in the chia seeds into around 1/4 glass almond milk. Enable this blend to sit for around 5 minutes to retain the fluid at that point mix to guarantee that there aren't any bunches of seeds. 

Preheat the broiler to 350 degrees F (180C) and line a heating plate with material or non-stick liners. Channel the dates and add them to a blender or sustenance processor and heartbeat until they become a glue. Include the oats, pecans, ocean salt, vanilla, and splashed chia seeds. Heartbeat until this meets up into a batter like a blend. Rub the blend into a huge bowl and include the quinoa. Overlay together with a spatula to blend equally. Spread the last blend out onto your plate and spot in the stove to heat for 45 minutes to 60 minutes, mixing in 15 minutes interims until crunchy and brilliant. 

When the granola is done, blend the last time at that point place the plate back in the broiler and turn it off. Enable the granola to chill with the broiler for 2-3 hours. Presently it's prepared to serve any way you'd like. 

Store in a sealed shut compartment.

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