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Food - The delicious Moroccan cuisine

Food - The Kingdom of Morocco is famous for its traditional cuisine. Although the authenticity of the dishes, she's still a woman dishes served in various official events and family. Tasty dishes of the varied food lovers which combine meat, vegetables, and chicken. Dishes don't usually offer individually, on various occasions at least three dishes are served. You're visitors to Morocco, don't miss the chance to taste the thrill of these dishes and enjoy the diverse eating that combines various delicious cuisines. Multiple multiple dishes Moroccan regions, where many famous dishes in various regions of Morocco cultural, linguistic and geographical location. But the dishes that we here are known in most parts of the Kingdom, and received a large diversity of visitors and lovers of traditional dishes at home and abroad. So don't miss the chance to eat five Moroccan dishes, we offer you as follows:

Tajine dish

Tajine, Moroccan mud is famous for his joy and diversity. It is a dish prepared either from vegetables and meat or chicken. Famous Moroccan tagines are plum Tagine or almonds and eggs served on various occasions.  Tagine dish is usually above coal so thrill, take his time of cooking. What appears in the tajine is meat and vegetables, but made from different materials to add olives and dry fruits with the Moroccan spice blend.

Couscous dish

Traditional Moroccan dish made from soft grain flour from wheat or barley, add vegetables of various kinds and forms of meat. Couscous dish is prepared in a pot perforated small holes called couscous, which allows the passage of hot steam towards grain couscous, steam coming from the pot bottom which cooks vegetables and meat in it.  Moroccan couscous dish gained fame and became the main dish of various families and cafes of Morocco on Friday.

Salty ingredients dish

Salty ingredients dish pastry platter origin within Fassi paper thin, salted or sweet dish contains chicken or meat or fish bathroom and almonds, eggs, and honey with a pinch of Saffron and other spices. Dish sprinkle after Setup cinnamon and powdered sugar until offers guests delicious desserts.

Darvish dish

This authentic Moroccan dish known as a dish served on the occasion of birth. The dish is chicken mixed with baltridh, which is a paste of cooked grain flour circles above the oil, and cut in the form of cubes. The platter contains food and hot spices, most famously ' top shop ' helps to acquire strengths against colds.

Dish tingiya

A platter of dishes Marrakech tingiya in Morocco. The city earned fame for his fame and outside Morocco by dish. The delicious dish prepared mainly from meat and garlic, saffron and walk among acid and margarine. A delicious cuisine, which offers guests a heated eater. The dish is usually cooked in conventional ovens in popular neighborhoods. Many coffee shops and hotels offering the dish for visitors.

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